The beauty of creation

Jane Mant is a life-long artist and nature lover, making art for those who are also inspired by the wonder of the natural world.

Through her art Jane connects with the soul of nature, painting landscapes for people who love creation and wish to bring that beauty into the built environment. Embracing the healing properties of both art and nature, her work celebrates the joy, solace and rejuvenation that are experienced when spending time outdoors.

She captures memories of special moments in natural places.


Books and inspiration from other artists

Reading art books is a great way of gaining inspiration. Recently I have been immersing myself in the lives of two wonderful Australian artists Margaret Olley and Judy Cassab. They both lived long and prolific [...]

Miller’s Epic Road Trip

Six Months, 22,000kms, 52 destinations, 169 days of travel. How do I sum it all up in one blog post? Almost impossible, but I will try. Our trip around Australia as a family was the [...]

Freedom, travel and escape

This is the story of an artist and a family about to embark on an adventurous journey. Why travel? I am really more of a homebody hobbit than a wild and free adventurer. I enjoy [...]

Recent Works

Original artwork is available for sale as indicated. Prints are also available. Click the link icon of the desired artwork for details & pricing.
Please note: All prices displayed are in Australian Dollars ($AUD) and include GST (Goods & Services Tax). For overseas sales take off 10%. Displayed price does not include delivery, this will be quoted once order is placed. Print sizes provided give an indication of the approximate image size.

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