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I am a lifelong artist. My constantly evolving work is a response to influences such as nature, light, spirit, music and dance. With freedom and intuition as guides, my paintings are explorations of vibrant colour, rhythmic mark making and varied textures. My energetic freedom with the brush expresses the joy of creative abundance.

I help people to express themselves and to access and reveal their own creativity. As a public school teacher, I teach art to children. They also teach and inspire me! My almost two decades experience as a teacher has informed my practice as an artist and has driven my interest in the inner workings of creativity. I believe that art is a mirror for life, and while freeing our creativity, we can free our spirit.

I have a deep, lifelong love of nature, finding inspiration, solace and a spiritual connection there. I believe that making art in nature is one of the most healing things we can do for ourselves.

I am very fortunate to have lived among the trees in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia since 2004. It is an idyllic place to raise a family and it constantly inspires my imagery.

If you crave greater creative freedom and deeper conversations, value simple living, believe that kindness is essential and that we must nurture nature, then we have a whole lot in common. Welcome!


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