An artist who celebrates the oneness of creation

I make art to connect to the soul of nature. I have a deep, lifelong connection with nature, which is the major subject of my work. My constant challenge is to help others to see the beauty of the natural world through my eyes.

Working in an intuitive way, allowing the painting to unfold in often-unexpected ways. Experience as a teacher has informed my practice as an artist. In my work I attempt to recapture the sense of playfulness experienced by children when creating. I create art that expresses the joy of making. Playing with paints, colour and texture, allowing the art to flow through me rather than trying to control it. I work in multilayered acrylic that allows me to experiment with colour and texture in a spontaneous way.

I am very fortunate to have lived among the trees in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia since 2004. It is an idyllic place to raise a family and it constantly inspires my imagery. I teach art to children and to adults wanting to access greater creativity. My teaching website is here at Honeyeater Nature Art.

My influences are Monet, Vassily Kandinsky, Matisse, Andre Derain, David Attenborough, Frida Kahlo, Jane Goodall, Beatrix Potter, and Jackie French. Australian artists Margaret Olley, Brett Whiteley, John Olsen, Margaret Woodward, Fred Williams, and Ben Quilty, George Harrison, William Morris, Luka Bloom. Authors Peter London and Julia Cameron. And my teachers; Janine Parsons, Chelsea Lehmann and Flora Bowley.


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