Books and inspiration from other artists

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Reading art books is a great way of gaining inspiration. Recently I have been immersing myself in the lives of two wonderful Australian artists Margaret Olley and Judy Cassab. They both lived long and prolific lives and both endured tragedy and personal struggles. Their lives of dedication to their art are inspirational. Judy Cassab (b.1920) [...]

Miller’s Epic Road Trip

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Six Months, 22,000kms, 52 destinations, 169 days of travel. How do I sum it all up in one blog post? Almost impossible, but I will try. Our trip around Australia as a family was the most incredible adventure, a mind expanding, heart opening journey. At times it was also a grueling ordeal (some might call [...]

Freedom, travel and escape

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This is the story of an artist and a family about to embark on an adventurous journey. Why travel? I am really more of a homebody hobbit than a wild and free adventurer. I enjoy the comforts of home, good food, order and coziness. So why leave? I guess it is about staying fresh, gaining [...]

Dreaming of the Flinders Ranges


This is the story of the joy of camping in a very special place and the art it inspires. There is a camping spot in the Flinders Ranges in South Australia that has drawn me back again and again for almost 20 years. I first went as a child free twenty-something, with a gang of [...]

Healing Art


This is a story about the healing power of art. This painting ‘Hope’ documented my healing process from a back injury that caused me intense pain for months and also caused me to reassess my life and future in the most fundamental ways. I had sustained a lower back injury that limited all of my [...]

Giving up realism embracing intuition


I have been painting for at least 41 years. One of my most vivid memories of kindergarten is standing at an easel making a green finger painting. After all that time I have finally found my way back to that joyful, free and playful way of making art. Painting from my inner self has fed [...]

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