Where do artists get their ideas?

2019-08-24T13:38:53+09:30Creative mindset, Creative process, Creativity, Inspiration|

Is there is a mysterious secret that only artists know about making artworks? I often think that artists themselves like to propagate this myth. The myth that we are special, magical beings who sit apart from everyday people, and everyday life, creating our work in isolation. Maybe if I wasn’t a teacher trying to make [...]

This week in the studio

2020-02-26T15:27:00+10:30Creativity, Inspiration, Studio, This week in the studio|

Some weeks in the studio are a whirlwind of creative joy, productivity and inspiration. This week wasn't one of those weeks. Hanging an exhibition coupled with extra work meetings and the shock of the first week back at my school teaching job after the holidays has left me weary and less productive. There is also [...]

Overcoming perfectionism

2019-07-25T13:58:09+09:30Creative mindset, Creativity, Inspiration|

So many of us spend a huge chunk of our lives stifled by perfectionism. Perfectionism drove me to take course after course in painting, telling myself that when I mastered the latest technique, usually something very tricky and impressive (like tonal realism), then I could call myself a real artist and the world would see [...]

This week in the studio

2019-08-24T13:38:53+09:30Creativity, Inspiration, Studio, This week in the studio|

Sharing our work in the studio can shed light on the processes and practices of artists, helping people to understand our artworks. It also makes art making less mysterious and more accessible, showing that anyone can do it. I also see it as a bit of an 'open house'. It is always interesting to have [...]

Risk and adventure in life and art – Millers Epic Road Trip

2019-08-24T13:38:53+09:30Inspiration, Places, Travel|

Six Months, 22,000kms, 52 destinations, 169 days of travel. How do I sum it all up in one blog post? Almost impossible, but I will try. Our trip around Australia as a family was the most incredible adventure, a mind expanding, heart opening journey. At times it was also a grueling ordeal (some might call [...]

Making art in the Flinders Ranges

2019-08-24T13:38:53+09:30Inspiration, Places, Travel|

There is a camping spot in the Flinders Ranges in South Australia that has drawn me back again and again for more than 20 years. I first went as a child free twenty-something, with a gang of friends for weekends of music, art and eating and drinking. We would leave the city after work on [...]

Embracing intuition can fuel our creativity

2019-07-18T14:46:06+09:30Creativity, Inspiration|

I have been painting for more than 40 years. One of my most vivid memories of kindergarten is standing at an easel making a green finger painting. After all that time I have finally found my way back to that joyful, free and playful way of making art. Painting from my inner self has fed [...]