Some weeks in the studio are a whirlwind of creative joy, productivity and inspiration. This week wasn’t one of those weeks.

Hanging an exhibition coupled with extra work meetings and the shock of the first week back at my school teaching job after the holidays has left me weary and less productive. There is also the hangover phase after a flash of creative discovery.

Last week we had just returned from a camping trip to the inspiring Flinders Ranges and I was full of ideas and painting plans. I had a full week to work in the studio, a luxury I don’t take lightly. I usually work at my school teaching job on Mondays and Tuesdays and in my studio for the rest of the week. Having a full week in my home studio stretching out before me gave me a feeling of expansion and possibility. I played with some printmaking techniques using acrylics coupled with ink and a new idea I’m playing with using peeled paint collage. My head was still full of the sights, smells and timeless quiet of nature. The work poured out of me and I completed two beautiful little works on paper. See one of them in my post on how the Flinders Ranges has inspired my art.

My painting week begins on Wednesday. I have an exhibition coming up next week. So this Wednesday I spent the morning wiring, edge painting, writing a pricelist and packaging the work for the drive to our hanging space an hour away in Gawler. For a change I let Mr Maps guide me on my car journey. He took me on a gorgeous route through windy Adelaide Hills roads through green valleys, passing orchards, dams and darling old houses. On the way I listened to Sara Tasker and Jen Carrington’s creative business podcast ‘Letters From a Hopeful Creative’. If you are in a creative business I highly recommend it. They discuss the struggles and joys of running an online creative business in a realistic and empathetic way. The link is below.

My friend Lee Teusner and I are holding an exhibition for the South Australian Living Artists Festival. SALA is a statewide festival celebrating working artists from all disciplines. There is such a wide variety of work and is a great opportunity for artists to present their work, and for art appreciators to see art in their own community. If you are in SA there is bound to be an exhibition on somewhere close to you next month. I look forward to getting out and getting inspired by some exhibitions in our beloved Adelaide Hills in the coming weeks.

Lee Teusner and I were at school together many moons ago and have recently reconnected through art and sharing our creative dreams. Although our work is very different in style and subject matter we share a common love of expressing ourselves through paint. We also agree that our studios are our favourite places to be in the world. Lee generously invited me to share her huge, light and airy exhibition space in Gawler. We are jointly hosting an opening for our ‘Bohemian Utopia’ exhibition on Sunday 4th August. Email me through my contact form if you would like more details.

Thursdays are my dedicated painting day and I managed to squeeze in some hours of play. Nothing obvious or finished emerged. I experimented with mixed media, adding pastel to my acrylic and ink underpaintings. I also created a little video of a printmaking technique for a friend on Instagram. The link is below. I’m not sure where this play will lead but I am being kind to myself, letting myself be less productive in creating a finished product. Today is an admin day but I feel like I will be sneaking in a bit of painting after lunch if I get my chores out the way this morning!

I’ve realised through writing today that this week HAS been creatively fertile, just in a different way. I hope you have managed to fit some creativity into your week.


Instagram linoprint video

SALA festival website

Lee Teusner’s website

Letters from a Hopeful Creative